MALCOLM FIRTH : Wednesday 7th May 2014

10151951_10152095926387921_7027478656635186633_aI would like to express my apologies to all those at Malcolm Firth’s funeral today . Unfortunately something has cropped up today which demands my attention straight away and makes it impossible for me to get to the funeral as I promised .. I am sorry about this, as you all know how much regard and respect I had for Malcolm ..

Malcolm knew how much Chris and I thought of him and he has been in my thoughts every day since I heard about his untimely death last week .

Again, I thank Malcolm so much for all his time, knowledge and support when I was a rookie Coach and all the time since then as I have become a lot more experienced.. Malcolm was always there to help me along in his quiet, no nonsense way ..

We were GREAT friends and I will think of him every time I use my Computrainer , or say some things he has taught me to some of my clients .. That will therefore be every day .. I still cannot believe I won’t see him and his dogs roll up to the house on one of his many visits … It’s a very sad day for Chris and I and Malcolm Firth will always be remembered by us both as a great friend and a gentle man .He left his indelible mark on the world of Cycling and I’m sure on the many people who knew him outside cycling … They broke the mould after they made Malcolm ..



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