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I am so pleased I took time out to research Frames in 2016 that wouldn’t cost (as does the 2017 SARTO) £5,000 +  .. I finally contacted my old friend Robin Corder from Velotech who I knew imported the CEEPO brand of frames and bikes ..

I first tried the CEEPO MAMBA in October 2016 , and WOWSER ! It’s the first Monocoque off the peg frame that actually fits me perfectly. It also looks like a £5,000 frame , yet I can sell it to you for less than £1,400 if you are one of my athletes .

It’s so stiff laterally and still forgiving Vertically. It climbs better than any bike I have used in the past and descends like it’s on rails , which is all I ask from any frame ! I also LOVE the design of the Frameset , The way the Seat Tube is carved out for the rear wheel and the Down Tube is shaped to fit the front wheel . These farmes are designed by the same guy who designs CERVELO frames ..
Well, this is the full hit and just for your info, I have special offers on almost everything in the pic .. That is …
CEEPO MAMBA frame-set , including Seat pin etc …   £1,350 .. MINUS 10%
Absolute BLACK Chainrings ( GO OVAL) … Training Rings … £99.50 ..  MINUS 10%
                                                                       Premium Rings.. £127.50 .. MINUS 10%
RH+ HELMET …      £110 .. MINUS 10%
Flip-Up RH+ GLASSES …. £129.00 .. MINUS 10%
PROGRESS WHEELS .. Clinchers (as in pic) … £550 .. MINUS 10%
PROGRESS CARBON 50 mm Wheels … £1,250 .. MINUS 10%

Let me know if you have any interest …



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