I have been using Rotor products for years now and will continue using their Rotor Chainset and the best Power meter there is .. ROTOR , but lately I have been wondering about the QXL chainrings and thought I would experiment .. I got hold of some (brand new to this country) ABSOLUTE BLACK oval chainrings from my pal Robin at Velotech, They are not as severe as the QXL’s and the other day I put them on and tried them over a 2 hour circuit I use all the time and they produced a lower Heart Rate and INCREASED Power for the same distance on Ab Black chainrings ..

Absolute Proof they are faster and just to make sure I put the right hand crank with the Ab Black rings onto my Tacx Training Bike this evening and rode the Stelvio climb .. I got to my PB 1 hour time in 52.02 and my 1 h 15m time in 1 h 5m 55s .. Again ABSOLUTE PROOF they are FASTER .. I am so pleased with them .

PLUS you can get them from me for £122 a pair as opposed to £170 for QXL’s and they do a Training pair of rings (slightly heavier) for £98 .. Great looking rings , but MOST importantly .. FASTER !!

Abblack pic for site

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