I have had such a great response from my athletes to my “DAILY RIDES ” I have decided to make this a “SERVICE” to other riders who would like to tap into my 46 years of experience as a bike racer and Professional Bike Rider .. You can spend a day with me and go for a ride on the flat or the hills for any length or time and I will assess your riding position, give you as many tips as I can from 46 years of riding . I will assess your climbing , descending and riding on the flat on a wheel .. We will do some “set piece” riding or anything you would like to practice ..

After the ride you can have a shower , some grub from Chrissy and then debrief and open it up to any questions you have , or have from the day … All this for only £150 .. You won’t learn more in a day from any other coach as I have probably the most experience of any coach and from my background riding all types of events at World Level ..

THE BEST £150 you will spend on your bike riding … You will also hopefully be inspired and absorb some of the huge love I have for this wonderful sport we share …

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