If you’ve wondered what Dave has done as a Coach and not just a Bike Rider ? … Here’s a small part of what Dave has accomplished as a coach in the last 16 years…. If you are looking for a coach you can trust … Here’s apiece from my website to remind guys who need a coach ….

There can be little doubt that Dave is the most experienced Coach in the UK, such is his background and the Track Record he has accumulated in the space of 15 years .. He has done things other coaches have never done and his record speaks for itself.. BUT, a few examples of Dave’s acumen as a Coach are ….

Dave took on Carole Gandy as a 60 year old who had tried to win the BBAR for TWENTY FIVE YEARS … Her first year with Dave, she won the 100 mile TT Championship and realised her fairy tale when she finally took the BBAR.. The oldest women EVER to do so …..
In Carl Saint’s first year with Dave , he improved beyond belief, when he produced a sub 20 minute 10 mile TT, a sub 50 minute 25 mile TT and did 1.43 for a 50 mile TT and also finished with a Bronze medal in the 50 mile Champs.

Dave helped Andy Fenn from a 12 year old novice into one of the best bike riders in the Pro Ranks and winner of the amateur Paris Roubaix now riding for SKY !.

He coached Wendy Houvenaghel from a complete Track rookie to National 3,000 metre Pursuit Champion and World Cup Champion in less than a year and then Wendy went on to be World Champion and Olympic Medallist.

Dave helped Chris Carver lose 16 kg in 3 months (without dieting) to realise his ambition to beat the hour for a 25 mile TT when he finished the year with a 56 minute time !! So this proves Dave doesn’t just work with Super Stars … Everyone wants something different.

He also took Kara Chesworth from just another bike rider who had only been riding for 2 years and was a mother of three young children to the Women’s National Road Race Series Winner and also took part in the Commonwealth Games for Wales in the same year.

The list goes on and doesn’t stop growing … Dave is always there for his athletes and gets a bigger buzz now from them doing well than when he was winning just about everything.

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